01. The Liberal and the New Democratic parties are expected to form a [coalition] government since neither was able to win a clear majority.
02. The candidate has received the support of a [coalition] of environmental and human rights organizations.
03. The Conservative party is expected to form a [coalition] with a number of smaller parties in order to get the majority needed to form a government.
04. The country is presently ruled by a [coalition] government made up of right wing parties and religious parties.
05. Political analysts suggest the new [coalition] government will fall apart if a power-sharing agreement cannot be reached between the different parties in the next few days.
06. In 1173, King William I, Lion of Scotland, joined a rebel [coalition] which invaded the north of England, but was defeated by Henry II.
07. The two left-wing parties have formed a [coalition] to prevent the right from forming the government.
08. Some political commentators have suggested that the green party must form a [coalition] with the left-wing party if it ever wants to be a part of government.
09. The U.S. is trying to build an international [coalition] of countries which will commit to the fight against terrorism.
10. The [coalition] government fell apart because the views of the three parties were simply too different on the major issues.
11. A [coalition] government is sometimes somewhat powerless because it can't do much without angering some interests within the group.
12. During a speech in the House of Commons in 1852, Benjamin Disraeli remarked, "England does not love [coalitions]."
13. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the beginning of independence in Belarus, a [coalition] of conservative elements began campaigning for reintegration with Russia.
14. In September 1992, the President of Tajikstan was imprisoned, and a [coalition] of Islamic groups took over control of the government for a short period.
15. In August 1990, Iraq seized Kuwait, but was expelled by American-led United Nations [coalition] forces during the Gulf War.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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